Nicholas Corp

Conservation Agriculture Considerations

Increases in fixed costs and concerns over soil health have led many businesses to consider Conservation Agriculture (CA) as an alternative approach to crop production. The three principle aims of CA are to improve soil health and biology by reducing soil disturbance, using balanced crop rotations and aiming for as much soil cover as possible […]

Rachel Bush - Wilson Wraight

Diversification: Is storage an option?

Possible future reductions in subsidy payments and pressures on farm net margins are making it increasingly important for farm businesses to diversify their income streams. One diversification option available to businesses who have redundant buildings or yard space is the provision of self-service storage. In-between 2016 and 2017 the use of self-storage sites increased by […]

Rebecca Mahony - Wilson Wraight

Woodland Creation Grant

For those businesses considering planting trees there is a Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant available, where applicants can apply for a one-off payment for the trees and associated protection items and infrastructure to aid in the establishment of new woodland.   Applications for Woodland Creation Grant can be made at any time. If successful the […]