A Wilson Wraight Appraisal delivers an impartial assessment of all aspects of a business providing a strong foundation from which recommendations can be made. It helps clients identify the most effective route towards their personal and business objectives.

Wilson Wraight are market leaders in the provision of detailed assessments of all aspects of agricultural businesses. They Identify strengths and weaknesses in the current set-up and provide a Present System Budget assessing profit and loss potential and cash-flow surplus/deficit.

The company’s in-depth industry-wide data resource allows for unique comparative analysis of margin and fixed costs – an invaluable resource against which to test performance.

Many clients choose to continue with a monitoring process after an initial Assessment is complete so they can measure performance against budget and objectives.



Appraisals - Wilson Wraight

I apply a high level of attention to detail and in-depth analysis for clients. When undertaking new business appraisals, I seek to get under the skin of how that business functions, and spend some of my own time getting to know the fields and the geography of the farm itself.

Ben Skinner, Wilson Wraight