Ben Skinner - Wilson Wraight

Bank of England increase base rate to 0.75%

The Government has today announced that, as expected, interest rates will rise by 0.25% to 0.75%, the highest rate since March 2009. Whilst welcome for many savers, it is likely that businesses with variable rate borrowing in the form of overdrafts and loans will notice the change, which on larger debt could have implications for […]


Straw – sell or incorporate?

The straw market has shown real buoyancy of late, with reduced levels of carried over crop from 2017 contributing to upward pressure on prices. This pressure will inevitably lead to increased costs for straw purchasers, however it may also provide opportunity for producers. As harvest has started for some and rapidly approaches for others, it […]

Rebecca Mahony - Wilson Wraight

Harvest Safety

With harvest 2018 now started, it would be mindful to think about safety. Despite the wettest start to the year for almost two decades, the East of England has just recorded the driest June on record with no sign of significant rain in the long-term forecast: Ensure that all equipment has a fire extinguisher on […]