Unearthing the gold in your data

In the world of business, data is everything. Our consultants will analyse your farm data to identify future opportunities, enhance your productivity, and deliver a solid foundation for making informed decisions.
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Data at your fingertips

Your on-farm data acts like a window into your business. Together, we’ll make sense of the facts and figures and use them to create clear across-business action plans.

Powered by YAGRO, our analytics tool helps you understand individual field performance and productivity for business, ELM, and Countryside Stewardship planning.

Benefits of data analytics

  • Data-driven performance information helps you make better, more informed decisions
  • Customised reports help you address specific queries or challenges
  • Drills down into both variety and field levels to improve enterprise productivity
  • Tracks your current year’s performance against budget, previous years, and best-in-class
  • Allows you to monitor sales against stocks and contract performance
  • A clear view of product rates and prices enables us to advise you on every marginal gain
  • You get a greater understanding of environmental challenges and the effects of yields to help you plan for future opportunities
  • Virtual groups allow you to share best practices, ask questions, and drive improvements with trusted peers to help each other move your businesses forward
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Our analytics platform strengthens our consultants’ toolkit, providing invaluable business insight down to field level. We can use this real-time data to enable decision-making and drive improvements in your business.

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