Fixed cost disparity: HAU placement student Rachel Croker investigates

Huge disparity remains between the best and worst performing farms. Effective fixed cost management can be the difference between profit and loss. Wilson Wraight recently conducted a comparative analysis exercise for harvest 2016 – comparing a range of arable fixed cost structures to examine the effect on profitability. In the example below Business B has […]

Giles Cooper - Wilson Wraight

Sentry Conference 2017: A Summary from Giles Cooper

A very interesting and thought-provoking day at the Sentry Conference.  Precision farming was the first topic, covered by Chris Wigger of John Deere.  The move towards more connectivity between the farmer, its staff and its support industries was viewed as the next phase in technological development to further drive down costs and improve efficiencies.  David […]

Sam Pimblett - Wilson Wraight

FieldCast: The Result

FieldCast, our opinion based survey made a return to the LAMMA show this year with a focus on tillage and establishment. Residual black grass issues, establishment costs, glyphosate’s future, soil health, to name a few issues have all been forcing the debate and causing businesses to revaluate the profitability of their arable enterprises. We asked […]