With the intriguing theme: ‘What is the farm for? Technology v Tradition: The Future of Agricultural & Environmental Management,’ this year’s conference promises to take a deep dive into pressing questions around the purpose of farms in light of the climate crisis, and the convergence of regenerative agriculture with modern agri-tech.

Hear insights from industry experts

The conference boasts an impressive lineup of industry experts who will share thought-provoking discussions and perspectives to unpack the central theme.


Sessions and speakers include:

  • Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Oxford University: Exploring the issue of agriculture as both problem and solution for climate change
  • Sam Hall, director of the Conservative Environment Network: Discussing strategies to reverse biodiversity loss caused by intensive agriculture
  • Will Jennings, CEO, Rabobank: Providing a macroeconomic overview of farming and supply chain industries
  • Joseph Keating, Co-op Agricultural Manager: Leading a session on how regenerative food production can impact supply chain procurement policies
  • Regenerative Farmers and Agronomists: Including Paul Carrott, Will Oliver, Paul Cherry, and Ed Brown, head of Agroecology at Hutchinsons, who will share their experiences on implementing regenerative farming at scale
  • Aidan Connolly, Managing Director, Kincannon and Reed: Offering a transatlantic take on agricultural technology from the USA.
  • Sarah Bell, British Farm Data Council: Discussing the ownership of farm data

Addressing climate change and biodiversity loss

The conference will tackle two critical issues facing humanity: climate change and biodiversity loss. By exploring the relationship between food production and environmental protection, attendees will gain valuable insights into how agriculture can balance these demands and contribute to solving these challenges.


Regenerative farming: transforming agriculture and supply chains

Are we seeing a return to traditional farming with the emergence of the regenerative movement? Experts will discuss how farmers can transition to regenerative practices, including the impact on food supply chains, procurement policies and practical examples of successful transformations.

Opportunities and challenges with technology

Debating technology’s role in agriculture will be a key focus, examining the opportunities and barriers preventing its widespread adoption. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how technology is revolutionising farming and shaping the industry.

A golden opportunity to network, to be inspired and expand your knowledge

The National Farm Management Conference 2023 offers a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and contribute to discussions on the most pressing issues at the forefront of agriculture. Don’t miss this ground-breaking event that seeks to balance food production and environmental stewardship.

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