Spring Webinar

Wilson Wraight 2022 Spring Webinar
“The Challenge of Change”

DATE: Wednesday 27th April
TIME: 8.30 – 10.30am
WHERE: Online – WebEx

Grace O’Dwyer – HSBC
Will Mitcham – Wilson Wraight – Partner
Dan Hewett – Wilson Wraight – Head of Planning
Marianne Willemsen – Wilson Wraight – Consultant
Rebecca Smith – Wilson Wraight – Placement Student
Dan Jolly – YAGRO
Our team of experts will be using the model farm below to discuss the issues faced by farmers today:

Church Farm is a 500-acre, arable, family-run, enterprise in East Anglia. It is farmed in hand and all the land is owned by the family who purchased the farm in the 1950s.
The farm boasts excellent access routes, and it borders a market town along the A14 corridor. All the land that borders the town is unproductive traditional permanent pasture.
Church Farm also has many traditional farm buildings which are not secure or stable enough to store farm machinery or grain. The buildings are suffering from increasing repair bills and maintenance obligations.

Grandfather Miggins is still involved within the farming partnership. Mike, his son, is also in the farming partnership with his wife Debbie. Mike is increasingly concerned about the future of the farm. Their two daughters, Mary and Emma, have both left home and have chosen different career paths, however, Mary is displaying an interest in the farm and enjoys spending time there at weekends. Mike has recently employed a Farm Manager after cutting down his workforce over recent years.

Mary is looking to challenge her parents to change. Both daughters recognise their parents are getting old and are open to new ideas to progress their family business. The new Farm Manager has seen similar farms diversifying and adapting and is enthusiastic about bringing these ideas to the business.

Please contact advice@wilsonwraight.co.uk for details of how to join us to hear what advice we would offer Church Farm