Spring cropping

Keith Girling - Wilson Wraight

Whilst the aftermath of the current years’ sugar beet and potato crops is as yet unknown and the success or otherwise of this Autumns oilseed rape drilling is developing, thoughts will soon turn to the choice of Spring Crops available. Whilst gross margin is an important part of the spring crop decision, other considerations might include: –

  1. Weed burdens and the ability to target them cheaply pre or within the Spring Crop.
  2. The ability to achieve contracts for sale particularly on niche Spring Crops.
  3. Storage, the use of available shed space and its knock on effect of storing other crops in the rotation.
  4. The use of residual chemicals in the preceding crop – particularly behind aborted rape.
  5. Combining capacity if harvest of the Spring Crop collides with wheat – particularly on larger scale units.