Basic Payment Scheme – 2016 Values

Investment Opportunity

The RPA have announced the 2016 entitlement value (for English non-SDA) at €252.98, to include the Basic Payment and Greening elements.  This is 2% higher than in 2015.


Based on the RPA September exchange rate of 85.228p/€, this could provide a gross value of £215.61 per hectare, almost £34 per hectare or 19% more than in 2015.


From this information, farmers should be able to calculate their approximate 2016 payment.  Claims greater than €2,000 (£1,705) will have will have to deduct 1.353905% from the amount above €2,000 for Financial Discipline, whilst other payment variations may exist for large farmers (over €150,000 Basic Payment) and Young Farmers, etc.


The payment window opens on 1st December 2016 and the RPA have pledged to pay 90% of claims by the end of the month.  The status of a claim can be tracked on the Rural Payments online service.


Check your payment – significant errors are still believed to exist in the 2015 data, which could be carried forward to 2016 claims.