South of England Farming Conference

From Uncertainty to Opportunity

A very positive message was given at the SEAS Conference last night, chaired by BBC Presenter Charlotte Smith. 

These uncertain times will undoubtedly create opportunities but the industry must embrace change, harness the best technology, and drive productivity. 

Kent Farmer Owen Piper explained how his family farm had already developed a diverse range of enterprises including the introduction of a vineyard as part of a plan to ‘future proof’ their business.

Julian Marks, Group Managing Director of Barfoots of Botley outlined how their business is successfully growing, processing and packing a range of specialist crops, working in the UK and across the world to maintain a continuous supply chain for retailers whilst overcoming a multitude of issues. 

Jane King from the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board and Richard Self of Co-operatives UK stressed the importance of sharing data and working together through co-operatives to add value whilst building a strong support team around you. 

Well done to the conference organisers.