Reduction to Direct Payments from 2021

Investment Opportunity

The government has now announced its transition plan for the phasing out of direct payments and existing Agri-Environment schemes.

Commencing from January 2021, the planned transition will start to take place, targeting a reduction to zero by 2028.


Between 2021 and 2027 farmers will see their direct payments progressively fall but will have the opportunity to access new schemes as this happens, targeting a reduction to zero by 2028.


‘The Path to Sustainable Farming: An Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 to 2024’ states that grants will be offered to help farmers invest in environmental and productivity improvements.


If you would like to discuss the impact to your business and possible ways to mitigate some or all of the reduction in payments, please get in touch with one of our team.


Please see the attached document here which highlights the reductions in Direct Payments:


Reductions to Direct Payments from 2021