RDPE Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme

Rebecca Mahony - Wilson Wraight

Round 2

Funding has now been made available for the second round of the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme. Grants are available for specific items of equipment for both livestock, precision farming and horticultural use. The aim of which is to improve animal health and welfare, technical and resource efficiency and nutrient management.

All items have been given a standard costs and grants will be awarded at 40% of this standard cost. The minimum grant received is £3,000 and maximum £12,000 These items can be found in Annex 3 of the handbook. Any application with a grant value of less than £3,000 will be rejected.

Applicants in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly may be eligible for a higher grant rate of 50% but this will need to be verified by postcode.

Applicants can apply for funding for one or more of the items listed, however only one successful application may be advanced per round. 

If you previously applied and had a successful application under round 1 and are considering applying under round 2, the total grant value over the two rounds must not be greater than £12,000. Therefore, if you received a grant higher than £9,000 in round 1 you will not be eligible for round 2 as the minimum grant size if £3,000.

If you had a claim rejected in round 1, you can reapply in round 2.

The standard costs are net of VAT and there is no option to claim extra VAT if you are not eligible to reclaim it. You can buy an item that exceeds the specification, but you will only receive a grant based on the standard cost. The remainder of the cost must be met from private sources and cannot be funded with other EU or UK public funds.

Applications should be made via the online portal on gov.uk. The application window is now open and closes midday 3rd September 2019.

Examples of those items that are eligible for funding are:

  • Mobile/fixed handling systems
  • Cattle crush
  • Specialist foot trimming crush
  • Electronic weigh system
  • GPS linked to auto steer and implement control
  • Yield monitoring
  • Variable rate controller for sprayers and fertiliser spreaders
  • Direct Drill 3m
  • Mobile vertical frost fans for vineyards and horticulture

Further details along with the full list of items in Annex 3 are available at