British Sugar ‘beet’ down price

British Sugar and the NFU have announced that the 2019 one-year contract price for sugar beet will be £19.07 per tonne (with no crown tare deductions), equivalent to £20.42 per tonne under previous contract terms and conditions. This represents a price drop of over 15% from the 2018 one-year contract price.   This reduction in […]

Giles Cooper - Wilson Wraight

Time to sell oilseed rape?

Oilseed Rape prices have risen from sub-£300 per tonne at the end of the old-crop marketing season to in excess of £325 per tonne for autumn movement of 2018 harvest crop.  This may be a good opportunity to sell uncommitted rape sooner rather than later due to a degree of uncertainty over coming months regarding […]

Ben Skinner - Wilson Wraight

Bank of England increase base rate to 0.75%

The Government has today announced that, as expected, interest rates will rise by 0.25% to 0.75%, the highest rate since March 2009. Whilst welcome for many savers, it is likely that businesses with variable rate borrowing in the form of overdrafts and loans will notice the change, which on larger debt could have implications for […]